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Based on public request from the Angouleme Beaux Arts Museum : Co-commissioner, Remi Labrusse and Emilie Salaberry, in charge of scenography, embroidered pieces were created and fulfilled for “Tarz, broder au Maroc hier et aujourd’hui” (Tarz, embroider in Morocco yesterday and nowadays) from June 18th to December 2022.

The arab world institute of Tourcoing is presenting ‘Tarz’ from the 11th march - 16th of july 2023

This exhibition introduces the exceptional Moroccan embroidery collection from the Museum of Angouleme - inspired from the previous collection ‘Prosper Ricard’- and also contemporary creations that have given a voice to traditional works.

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Angoulême Beaux Arts Museum

The Art Museum of Angouleme has worked together with “La Metisse” to offer a previously unseen exhibition about Moroccan embroidery collections. For more than a thousand years, Moroccan women have been known for their colored and luxuriant decors, filled with plants, animals and geometric shapes.
The exhibition draws to attention the techniques and esthetics of Moroccan women in the XIXth and XXth centuries. A dialogue between past, present, and future contemporary creations, from workshops of Moroccan women, who are also partners of “La Metisse”, are displayed along with works belonging to the museum.

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