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The road to day - My Story

Textile creator, artist and Moroccan by origin, my childhood was left marked by back and forth trips between France and Morocco. Having had a mother who was a weaver and belonging to the “Zaïne” tribe, where freedom is one, yet indivisible, where modernism borders tradition, my textile creations have always reflected my origins.
In 1999, I founded “La Métisse” with the aim of being at the forefront of this one-of-a-kind, cultural heritage and to create unique homeware textiles, mixing savoir-faire preservation, social -professional care, economical equality and sustainability development.
Cultivated by my multiple cultural backgrounds, I am driven by the desire to breathe life into practices that have fallen out of use due to globalization, to rediscover forgotten crafts and to tailor them to the contemporary economic mechanisms, as an artist and as a woman born from this culture.

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