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Author and creator : Fatima Lévêque
Areas of expertise : Social engineering and ‘researched themes’
Fields of artistic expertise : Moroccan embroideries, weavings and carpets from the middle of the atlas.
Researched themes : Berber and Arab - Muslim textile culture which targets local and social development and international solidarity.


1984 to 1988 : Beaux-Arts school of Angouleme, Charente, France.
1996 : ESMOD : Fashion and arts technical high school diploma. Textile stylist designer.
1997 : Stage clothing design for EVIDANSE - Contemporary dance company - first line production of home-use textiles.
1998 : One month exhibition at Galerie MR - Contemporary Art Gallery - Angouleme, Charente, France.
1999 : Registration of the personal trademark “La Metisse”. Enrollment as an arts and craftsman at the local chamber of crafts.
2005 : An active member of Ateliers d’Art de France - France Art Ateliers (workshop) Group.
2007 : Creation of a showroom in Angouleme titled “Maitre Artisan d’Art - Master in Art Craft - partner of the label STEP (fairtrade) for hand-made carpets.
2009 : La Metisse is shortlisted by the French Ministry of Ecology in its guide of environmentally friendly products.
2010 : Creator of PARSUA carpets, Galerie CHEVALIER, Paris, France ; Collection VIII, 2012 edition.
2010 : Training in social engineering.
2012 : Haute couture embroidery training course at LESAGE School, Paris, France.
2013 : Registration of ‘La Metisse’ at the official French directory for arts and crafts.
2013-2018 : La Métisse obtains the “environmental-challenge label“ from the French Chamber of Crafts, and also from ADEME (French environmental agency of energy control)
2015 : Contemporary carpet creator for Diacasan EDITION, Paris, “La Foule” ; Collection 2015 edition.
2016 : Member of AFET (French association for textiles study).
2018 : Professional training course in plant-based color dyes, madder color, and garden conservatories for tincture plants.
2019 (april) : La Metisse carried out a diagnosis of the “Timahdite” wool sector and together with the local partners, it developed a sustainable project for the entire Moroccan middle atlas sector.
2019 (October) : La Metisse led and co-piloted, with the aid of local partners and Les Liens d’Alouane Association, the “El Morchidoun” project. The goal was to develop the wool sector and preserve the textile ‘knowhow’ from the Moroccan middle atlas.


1980 : Family assistant diploma
1991 : State social care assistant
2010 : Social engineering training

Symposiums, conferences and meetings

2009 : “Meeting with…”, about creations inspired from techniques and patterns, linked to collections and exhibitions at Angoulême Art Museum (02/25).
2016 : Conference “Architecture and textile in Moroccan Berber and Arab-Muslim culture” and “Architecture and textile : space conversion”, Aubusson, Tapestry International City, France (November 24-25th).
2017 : Conference “Caftan d’un soir” (one night Caftan) at “Etoffes des grands jours” (Fabric Big Days) in Château de Fontainebleau, France. Statement shared with F.Cousin, Ethnologist and research Engineer, formerly in charge of textile collections at Quai Branly Museum, Paris (11/24-25).
2018 : Debate conference about “Craft and cultural hybridization in Maghreb within a post-colonial background”, in cultural hybridization and artistic creation since the 1960s. A History seminar and borders II, managed by Remi Labrusse, HAR- (Arts and representation History) at Paris-Nanterre University, Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac Museum.
2019 : Debate conference about “Complexe aux dames », (Ladies complexities) ; an exploration dedicated to the complex position and rights of women in Islamic countries, at Angouleme Art Museum (04/11-17-18).
2019 : Conference “Local tincture plants, the environment and sustainable textile creations, is there any common denominator in the future ?” In “Textile : Eden garden ?”, Art-Museum, Angers, France, November 21-23th.
2022 : Co-animation with Emilie Salaberry-Duhoux, manager of the MAAM museum service and of the doctoral seminar, linked to the exposition “Tarz, broder au Maroc, hier et aujourd’hui” ( Tarz, embroidery in Morocco, yesterday and nowadays) managed by Remi Labrusse, HAR- (Arts and representation History) at Paris-Nanterre University and Angouleme Art Museum, June 18th.
2022 : Conference, “approach, identity and ethics”, as part of “Tarz, Broder au Maroc, hier et aujourd’hui”, Angouleme Art Museum 09/29.
2022 : Conference “Woven braids- a particular braiding style : a mixture of geographic divergence and technical convergence” at “the finishing touch” : Carefully bringing a textile work to an end”, AFET (French Agency dedicated to youth and sports) studying days in Bourgouin-Jallieu, France. Statement shared with F.Cousin, Ethnologist and research Engineer, formerly in charge of textile collections at Quai Branly Museum, Paris.
2023 : Round-table discussion "Moroccan embroidery, an endangered skill". With Fatima Lévèque, co-curator of the exhibition "Tarz. Broder au Maroc, hier et aujourd’hui" and Myriem Naji, researcher in the Anthropology Department at UCL (University College London). Institut du Monde Arabe, Tourcoing,15/04.


2018 : (October) “Caftan d’un soir” with Françoise Cousin, in « Etoffes des grands jours », under the direction of Claude Coupry and Françoise Cousin, French Association for the study of textiles, Paris.
2022 : (June) « Tarz, brider au Maroc, hier et aujourd’hui » under the co-direction of Remi Labrusse and Emilie Sallaberry, Skira Edition, Paris.
2024 : "Un type particulier de galonnage. Divergence géographique mais convergence technique", with Fraçoise Cousin, in Finitions textiles Rubans, galons, franges, lisières, Les Indes savantes- AFET. .

Public collections

2022 : Angoulême Art-Museum.


2020-2021 : Member of the International mini-textiles competition examination board “mesure-démesure” (moderation-immoderation) Lurçat Museum and Contemporary Tapestry, Angers, Maine et Loire, France.

Personal Exhibitions

June 1988 : « TANJMAT » exhibition - First homeware textile collection, Galerie MR Angoulême, Charente, France.
November 1999 : “Le Jardin des Hespérides » Contemporary MR Art Gallery, Angoulême, Charente, France.
December 2001 : Private exhibition, La Rotonde- Maison d’hôtes, Saintes, Charente-Maritime, France.
September/ October 2002 : Private exhibition, Galerie d’Aubeterre sur Dronne, Charente, France.

June to November 2003. Exhibition “ Maghreb, Music and Fabrics” Maison du patrimoine (heritage house) Tusson, Charente, France.
September/October 2003 : “La Zaouïa” exhibition, Theatre of La Couronne, Charente, France.
July/November 2005 : Exhibition “T comme tissu” (F for Fabric) House of heritage, Tusson, Charente, France.
March 2006 : Space designer “ Moroccan Embassy” International Atlantic Meeting, Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, France.
April/Mai 2008 : “La Métisse au solidaire” CDMT, Textile Museum, Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain.
November 2009 : Exhibition “La fiancée du Nil” (Bride of the Nile), Moroccan Craft House, Paris.
September 2012 : “Textiles et tapis La Métisse”, (La Metisse Textiles and Carpets) Thanakra Gallery, Paris.
November 2015 : Exhibition launch of “La Foule”, collection for DIACASAN EDITION, contemporary carpets, Paris.
August 2016 : Factual exhibition “Et nous demain” (What about us tomorrow) - A Francophone Movie Festival. St Gelais Hotel, Angoulême.
July to September 2017 : Pop-up store exhibition La Métisse, for the occasion : “Paroles d’Artisans, traditional Moroccan Middle Atlas, through Atelier Monde at La Tisserie, Brandérion, Brittany, France.
March/April 2019 : Exhibition “Ladies Complexities” Art Museum, Angoulême.
June/December 2022 : Co-curator with Rémi Labrusse and Emilie Salaberry and in charge of set design, development and fulfillment of embroidery pieces to organize “Tarz, broder au Maroc hier et Aujourd’hui”, Art Museum, Angoulême.
March to July2023 : Co-curator with Rémi Labrusse and Emilie Salaberry, in charge of scenography, design and production of embroidery pieces for the exhibition : "Tarz, broder au Maroc hier et Aujourd’hui", Institut du Monde Arabe-Tourcoing..

Collective exhibitions

October 1999/April 2000 : Exhibition : “Le temps du Maroc”. An Eye for Moroccan Design. Institut du Monde Arabe ( Arab World Institute) Paris.
May/ June 2000 : Exhibition « Designs in Morocco », BAB Rouah, Rabat, Morocco.
September/October 2002 : Exhibition « Fibers and creations », Brouage, Charente Maritime, France.
November 2002 : “Les places d’or, Design Emballage de Luxe” (Golden spaces, luxury packaging design) Hotel Grillon, Paris
April/June 2003 Exhibition « Métissage » ( Diversity) Regional Art Crafts Center, Niort, Deux-Sevre, France.
November/December 2003 Exhibition « Les fil’Aments » (Impossible to translate). Regional Art Crafts Center, Niort, Deux-Sevre, France.
Décembre 2003 / 2004 : Exhibition « Maroc, Patrimoine et Créations » (Morocco, Heritage and creations), Moroccan Craft House, rue St Honoré, Paris.
June/August 2008 : « Inscription contemporaine » (Contemporary Inscription). Regional Art Crafts Center, Niort, Deux-Sevre, France.
June 2012 : Exhibition « launch of Persua contemporary carpets collection » within the framework of « Carré Rive Gauche », Galerie Chevalier, PARIS.
April 2013 : Exhibition « au fil de l’eau » (along the riverside…), Moulin du Verger, Puymoyen, Charente, France.
April/May 2013 « La métisse aux carrés » (Scarves by La Metisse) House of art crafts, France Art Studio, Pezenas, Hérault, France.
April 2018 : Exhibition « futures en transmission - ‘the future in transmission’ » Art Crafts European days, Jonzac, Charente, France.
January 2019 : Exhibition « traditions persistantes - ‘persistent traditions’ » with Richard Batterham, Florence Bost and Gérard Uféras, Galerie Hélène Aziza, Paris.

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