Alive heritage and savoir faire
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Alive heritage and savoir faire

All our creations have been sourced from our Berberian and Arab-Muslim culture. They are based on our savoir-faire ‘know-how-to’ regarding each of our techniques in the field of weaving, as well as in the field of embroideries. The aim is to maintain this outstanding heritage.


La Métisse uses wools coming from a local producer which are treated, dyed and woven on site.

We have chosen to adapt our approach to open doors to other areas of possibility. The range of colors from the first collection of carpets were deliberately limited, so as to take into account the “training-actions” in progress, as well as the delay between the development of the wool sector and the final product.
The first creations, made of 100% plant-dyed local wool, such as the Berberian knotted carpets and Kilims, are now in the weaving process.
Each textile piece produced is made of natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, local wool or recovered material that had been discarded, in view of a zero waste policy.

The weavings are all handmade.

The embroideries are handmade, by her cooperatives or by Fatima herself, using natural cotton, silk or wool yarns. A few pieces and some accessories can be embroidered by hand machines…

Ethic and united fair trade

La Metisse was put into place with the objective of keeping alive an indistinct heritage and also to allow local populations to live comfortably, from the fruit of their labors. For that reason in mind, from the beginning of the first productions, La Metisse chose a fair trade approach. Guaranteeing a fair price for each member of the sector and their contribution, the aim was to ensure that this great story, united with the environment, is told for generations to come.

Professional training, integration and employment

Since its creation in 1999, and its fulfillment in 2007, La Metisse has engaged with their co-working professionals to give birth to an original line of carpets.
Accompanied by actors in their professional training ; weaver training, reappropriating knowledge and techniques, and now with everyone else involved in the project - embroiderers, dying cooperatives, expertises in the treatment of wool… all these factors will progressively lead to a more acquired savoir-faire at the various stages of production, to produce a better quality, final product.

Excellency and quality

Such is our aim. The craftsman’s hand is focused on excellence while maintaining a personal touch of fallibility that will be carefully executed.

Sustainable development and environment

Our global ambition is to face head on current matters :

  • the waste of raw materials. We are developing locally treated wools, as near as possible to our producers, to tackle this environmental question of waste management.
  • a lack of local income. We are offering the main cooperatives, composed of women, the possibility to work using local products (wools, tinctorial plants) and relying on local knowhow and savoir-faire.
  • diverse products. We are developing additional crops, such as plots of tinctorial plants, to differentiate from the usual everyday farming.
  • Heritage. We are preserving and breathing life into material and our cultural heritage, thanks to weaving and embroidery.


La Metisse can’t guarantee its “in -series” products, due to the unpredictability of local wool being in stock within the carpet manufacturing industry.
Regarding coloring, the choice has been reduced to take into account the length of time needed for the production of local dyes. However, it is possible to have a wider selection of colorings by choosing to import French pigments.

Participate in

  • linking projects, having a common way of thinking, behaving as an active citizen and bearing initiatives
  • rebuilding fundamentals with everyone caring for our common environment
  • rebalancing world trade and offering a place for each and everyone of us.
  • revealing a new type of united business between mankind and the planet, with the environment at the heart of their goals.

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